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    Yours & One Other

Yours And One Other

Repair yours and one other, in golf and in life.

Who We Are

  • Yours and One Other is the charitable affiliate of the North Florida PGA. Through the framework of the greatest game ever played, we seek to fix challenges facing North Florida’s youth and veterans.

Core Purpose

  • Using the simple principle of repairing your ball mark and one other, we empower others to change the lives of youth and veterans in the communities they live and work.


  • Through awareness, fundraising, volunteerism and mentoring, the over 1,500 members of the North Florida PGA will be part of the solution in “fixing things” for youth and veterans in their local communities.

Our Beliefs

Golf is a lifelong game that fosters…

  • Health and wellness
  • Character development
  • Community building
  • Spirit of inclusiveness
  • Giving Back

2018 Annual Report

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