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    Global Golf Series FAQ

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How many events do I have to play in?

There is no requirement to the number of events to play in.  However, mathematically, a player would need to play in at least two events to have the opportunity to earn 50 points, which is one of the requirements to be eligible for the Series Purse Pool.

How are points allocated in the team competitions?

Some of the events are team competitions; points are always for the individual.  Thus, in team competitions, partners received the same number of points.

Can I play in chapter event outside of my chapter?

If a chapter event is open to all members, then you can play in a chapter event outside of yours.  Currently the Chapter events listed are open only to Chapter Members.

Is there an additional fee to participate in the Series?

The only cost is the regular entry fee for the events you enter.

Does the Series impact how the designated events are paid out?

No monies are held back from the designated events for the Series Purse Pool.  The Series Purse Pool is all additional monies provide by Global Golf Sales/Golf Pride.