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PGA Jr Golf League

In order to form leagues and begin making schedules for the season, we need all Captains to be registered. We are excited that player registration is open! If you would like to download any marketing materials you can go to pga.org/pgajrleague.

Registering as a Captain will open the door for your facility to host a team in 2020, however, you are not fully committing to hosting a team until you have been able to recruit the minimum number of 8 players.

Follow the steps below and make sure that you register as a Captain today so that players can find your program!

Step 1: Visit PGA.org/PGAJrLeague, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions for running a successful season.

Step 2: Complete the Captain Registration Checklist.

Step 3: Register as a Captain on PGAJrLeague.com.

5 Reasons You Should Be a PGA Junior League Captain

  1. Generate Additional Revenue for you, the Professional
  2. Generate Additional Revenue to your Facility
  3. Grow/Expand your Youth Programs
  4. Create Community at your Facility
  5. Capitalize on new Memberships/Customers

For more information on what you can learn from being a PGA Junior League Captain, click here.

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