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    Section Secretary Candidates

  • Matthew Borocz, PGA

    Assistant General Manager | Director of Golf at TPC Sawgrass

    Certified Member

    Member Since 2004

    Past Work Experience: TPC Myrtle Beach 1999-2004 | TPC Sawgrass 2004-present

    Committee Experience: Northern Chapter and North Florida Section Awards Committees

    Officer Experience: Northern Chapter- Vice President 2018-2020 | President 2020-present 

    Why are you interested in this leadership position?

    I have an interest in continuing to lead and support the North Florida PGA board and PGA Professionals. I enjoy working with all the Chapters, the Section, and all key stakeholders. Based on my experiences in the golf industry and Northern Chapter, I'm interested in progressing through the ranks of the NFPGA officers. With my experience and the support of many, I believe that I can add value to the NFPGA while stewarding the game in North FL. It's important to me to give back to the Game of Golf and develop the future. I know the officer position will have challenges along the way. If provided the opportunity, I would accept the challenges and work in collaboration with all the stakeholders of the NFPGA to continue to strive for excellence and improvement.

    What skillset will you bring to the board?

    Commitment and experiences with the Northern Chapter and NFPGA
    Organized Passion to Lead/Learn/Serve/Give Back
    Rapport with Fellow PGA Professionals
    Personal Experiences in the Golf Industry & Role at TPC Sawgrass
    Positive Attitude
    Work Ethic
    Business Acumen
    Team Player
    Love for the Game

    I've enjoyed the last 4 years serving the Northern Chapter and North FL Section. Serving in the officer roles has opened my understanding of the Chapter & Section operations. We have a good foundation in the Northern Chapter, with the support of the board, committees, Members, and Associates. We are working on consistency and improving in all areas. In the President role, our goal is to build upon the solid foundation, prepare for the future and challenge the status quo.

    Key areas of focus in the Northern Chapter that we have targeted together.

    1. Continue to improve our education and tournament offerings to our Members and Associates. Provide relevant education to improve the knowledge of our PGA Professionals. Provide tournament opportunities that are quality and make our Members, Associates, partners and amateurs proud to be associated with the Northern Chapter/North FL Section.
    2. Improve our committee structures to allow for more leadership/service opportunities. Make sure that the committee is relevant and supporting specific goals.
    3. Build a succession plan. Train our board and tournament chair to collaborate and work together. We're a team and need to support each other. Additionally, build our business plan (playbook) for now and into the future.
    4. Make decisions based upon the good of the Northern Chapter Members & Associates.
    5. Deliver value to our partners and supporters of the Northern Chapter.
    6. Serve the communities that we live in, while enhancing the PGA brand.
    7. Support our Members & Associates in their PGA career journey.

    In the last 3+ years, I have been able to use my experiences to assist with improving efficiencies, organization and challenging our current practices. The goal is to keep improving our game in the Northern Chapter. If provided the opportunity, I would enjoy the opportunity to work with the Board, Chapter Leadership, NFPGA Team and all stakeholders to continue to improve the North Florida PGA now and into the future.

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