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SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 - ORLANDO, FL - After an eventful three-day tournament, the new NFPGA Section Champion is Rod Perry...again!
Luckily for the final round, there was a slight breeze providing the players relief throughout the 18-hole event.  Tee times began on the 1st and 10th Tees at 8:00 AM.  There was no delay in the pace of play and the tournament finished right before officials received a lightening warning.

There were 56 players in the field with Rod Perry in the lead.  After two bogeys on the front nine, Perry was not the sole leader anymore.  Clint Avret moved up following two birdies and two bogeys on the front nine and placed pressure on Perry.  Matt Borchert rose on the leaderboard with three birdies on the front nine, placing him at T2 for a portion of the tournament. 

With a rough start on the back nine, Perry recorded a double bogey on #11.  It seemed that the possibility of another Section Championship win was slipping out of reach. Avret's chances of recreating his 2005 win at Grand Cypress were becoming stronger.  Perry went on to make birdies on #12 and #13, solidifying his spot at T1 by the 18th Hole.  Avret played consistently on the back nine with one bogey and one birdie, also landing a spot at T1.  The 18th Hole would decide if there was about to be a winner or a playoff.  A crowd of fellow players and members near the clubhouse waited to see the answer.  Perry and Avret made shots in the fairway and great set up shots onto the green to both make par on the final hole.  Decision was made.  It was time for a playoff.

Again on the 18th Hole, Perry and Avret teed off.  Both of their golf balls were seen in the center of the fairway, ready to hit the green.  With his second stroke, Perry's ball landed a few yards away from the flag.  Avret's was not as lucky.  The ball appeared to have landed in the water, resulting in a drop for Avret and an extra stroke.  With his next stroke, however, Avret's ball landed even closer to the flag than Perry's.  If Perry made the next stroke, the playoff hole would give him a birdie and an automatic win.  But after a graze around the outter rim of the hole and eventually landing outside of it, Perry had to try again.  Avret made his putt, still one shot behind Perry.  However, Perry didn't plan on closing that gap and made his final putt.  Rod Perry officially won his fifth NFPGA Section Championship. 

Perry is excited to bring the trophy back home to celebrate with his family. "We like to take the top off and drink out of it." Perry joked before walking away a Section champion once again.

For the full leaderboard, visit BlueGolf.  The next NFPGA Section event is the NFPGA Senior Section Championship at Hammock Beach Resort on Monday and Tuesday.  For more information, click here.

Thank you to all of our event sponsors, staff, volunteers, and players for making this such a fun and exciting event.

Rod Perry, 2018 NFPGA Section Champion

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 - ORLANDO, FL - Round two of the 2018 NFPGA DISCOVER Section Championship began with tee times at 8:00 AM on the 1st and 10th Tees at Grand Cypress Golf Club.  Rod Perry remains the leader after round two.  Tuesday was another hot day on the course with a UV index 10 of 10.  There were 59 players in the field and course par still set at 72.  Rod Perry went into the second round at the top of the leaderboard with just a few other players under par, including defending Section Champion Donny Lee. After round two, Perry stays at the top with Clint Avret moving up the leaderboard behind at 2.  There are four players under par on the leaderboard with total scores: Rod Perry (139), Clint Avret (140), Donny Lee (141), Spencer Smith (142).  There is one player at even par on the leaderboard, Jason Hrynkiw with a total 144.

Perry joked that today's round was "entertaining" and that he looks to "hit the wedges a little bit closer and make more putts." Perry commented that the "hole locations were tough and challenging.  Half the holes were almost impossible to get close to so when you do have a green light chance with a wedge in your hand and the hole locations accessible, you need to make sure you hit good shots to give yourself opportunities. But all in all, feeling good going into tomorrow."  Perry ended round two with a 70.

When asked how he felt on the course today, Lee said that "it was hot, very hot.  It's a tough course but besides that it was a great day with no rain and no delays."  On Lee's list to work on for tomorrow's round, he said "a little bit of everything.  This course is so easy to make mistakes on."  Lee sits at 3 on the leaderboard with a round two score of 71.

Avret moved up to 2 on the leaderboard after recording a round two score of 70.  Avret was asked how it felt out on the course today and commented, "The golf course was set up pretty tough, hole locations were hard, and obviously it was hot."  When asked what he'd like to work on for the final round, Avret smiled and said "I would love to hit it just like I did today and make a few more putts."

An exciting accomplishment from today came from Justin Sheehan who recorded a hole-in-one on Hole #4.  Thanks to NFP Hole-in-One U.S.A. that means Sheehan will be going home with $5,000.  This is Sheehan's fourth career hole-in-one.

For the current leaderboard, visit BlueGolf.

Rod Perry
Rod Perry teeing off the 1st Hole at Grand Cypress Golf Club
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Justin Sheehan with his hole-in-one scorecard and ball.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 - ORLANDO, FL - Round one of the 2018 NFPGA DISCOVER Section Championship began with tee times at 8:00 AM on the 1st and 10th Tees at Grand Cypress Golf Club.  The leader after round one is Rod Perry, 3 under par.  It was a record hot day at 92 degrees with a UV index 9 of 10.  There were 67 players in the field at Grand Cypress Golf Club on Tuesday, September 18.  The event is sponsored by Discover Card, Bushnell Golf, Global Golf Sales, MGI Golf, Cutter & Buck, Morell Studios, NFP Hole-in-One U.S.A., and Ahead.

The course par is set at 72 and six players end round one under par.  The players currently under par on the leaderboard are Rod Perry (69), Clint Avret (70), Stephen Arnold (70), Donny Lee (70), Greg Koch (70), and Terence Woodard (70).  On the leaderboard we have Jonathan Mansfield, Matt Borchert, Jason Hrynkiw, Justin Sheehan, and Spencer Smith at even par.  Current leader, Rod Perry, was asked about his experience on the course: "It went well. Things are pretty good, putting went well.  Just trying to stay in a positive state of mind and understand it's a three day event not one.  But just trying to get off to a good start."  When asked what he'd like to keep in mind going into round two, Perry joked, "Uh...well, Matt [Borchert] says I have to try and hit it further so I'm just going to try and hit it a little more solid off the tee."

For the current leaderboard, visit BlueGolf.  The first tee time for tomorrow is at 8:00 AM, for all tee times visit BlueGolf.

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Grand Cypress Golf Club 18th Green
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