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AUGUST 6, 2018 - OCALA, FL - This year's NFPGA Pro-Scratch finished with not one, but four winning groups!
On Monday, the NFPGA held the 2018 Pro-Scratch at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club in Ocala, FL.  Teams were composed of one PGA Professional and one Amateur player.  The event had wonderfully supportive sponsors present at the course, including Cobra-Puma Golf, Dialed In Golf Solutions, MGI Golf, Textron Golf, Precise Yardage Books, and PXG.

The course par was set at 72 and twenty-one out of fifty-four teams finished under.  After finishing their rounds with 67, 5-under, four teams secured themselves T1 spots.  Ron Philo and Adam Krestalude had a bogey-free round and made three birdies and one eagle. Two groups both made five birdies and no bogeys, David Damesworth/Brendan Valdes and Kevin Kenny/Mike Finster.  The fourth group to earn a T1 spot was Gregory McClimans and Greyson Porter who made eight birdies and three bogeys.

For the full leaderboard, visit BlueGolf.  Up next for Section events is the NFPGA Assistant Professional Championship at TPC Tampa Bay. Sign up today!

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