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    Southwest Chapter Championship

June 8, 2018 - LONGBOAT KEY, FL - The winner of the Southwest Chapter Championship is David Hronek!

Entering the second round, Hronek (Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club) and Barry Cheesman (Longboat Key Club) were tied with 1 under par 71.  Cheesman started off the round with a birdie followed by a bogey while Hronek started a little slower until Hole #3 and his first birdie of the day. By the end of the front nine, Hronek and Cheesman were still tied, each with a 36. The back nine started for Hronek with a familiar pattern to Cheesman's front nine.  Hronek shot a 3 on Hole #10 par 4, achieving his second birdie of the day.  But at the following hole, Hronek made a bogey while Cheesman made a birdie.  Hronek continued to improve throughout the back nine with three more birdies and a final back nine score of 34.  Cheesman's back nine was similar to Hronek's and a playoff hole looked like a possibility. But compared to Hronek's four birdies, Cheesman had three and a final back nine score of 35.  Cheesman's round two score was 71, resulting in 142 total score. Hronek's round two score was 70 resulting in 141 total score and first place of the Southwest Chapter Championship.
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SWC Assistant Champ

David Hronek, Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club, 2018 Southwest Chapter Champion.

SWC Assistant Champ

Daniel Bailey, Lakewood Golf & Country Club, 2018 Southwest Chapter Associates Division Champion.

SWC Assistant Champ

 Barry Cheesman, Longboat Key Club, 2018 Southwest Chapter Senior Division Champion.

June 7, 2018 - LONGBOAT KEY, FL - After the first round of the 2018 Southwest Chapter Championship, there is a two-way tie for first. The two-way tie is between Barry Cheesman and David Hronek at 1 under par 71.  Cheesman is the Director of Instruction at Longboat Key Club and Hronek is the Director of Golf at Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club.  One shot back from first is Terry O'Hara, the Head Professional at Longboat Key Club.

For the Senior Division with only one round, Cheesman won with the 1-under par 71.  At T2 were Mo Guttman and O'Hara both with 72 and at 4th was Kevin Paschall with a 73.  In the Assistants Division, Daniel Bailey came in first with a 74, David Steele at second with a 75, and at T3 was Bryan Arnett, Richard Williamson, and KC Bartlett with 78 each.

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First Tee of SWC Champ

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