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Member Highlight | Stephanie Connelly-Eiswerth

Golf is a game. It’s supposed to be fun, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. But I’ve had a lot of stress and agitation with it, but to be reminded of the fun part is very exciting.”


Stephanie Conelly-Eiswerth has had quite the year - and career. Throughout 2021, she has accomplished notable achievements, such as tying for first in the NFPGA Stableford Championship and placing third in the LPGA Professionals National Championship. But for Connelly-Eiswerth, the journey to get here has been one filled with triumphs and obstacles. 

Connelly-Eiswerth began her golf journey at 5 years old. Growing up an only child, Connelly-Eiswerth went to the golf course with her parents and began learning the game by putting. As her putting skills improved, she then began learning how to chip. And so on it goes…

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Connelly-Eiswerth attributes her passion for teaching to her years-long career playing golf. Throughout her life, she did not waver in her love for the sport but never initially set her sights on coaching. 

“As I was getting ready to exit playing full time, a coaching position at the University of North Florida came up. With this opportunity, it was a way for me to stay connected to the game.”

Through this outlet, Connelly-Eisweth parlayed her playing experience into a role that has enabled her to bestow her skills on her students.

“Everyone has a different learning style. I try to figure out the different goals of my students and how they want to enjoy the game better, and I work to find a way that they can do that.”

Connelly-Eiswerth tries to make teaching fun, and she strives to make the experience as gratifying as possible. As a coach, one of Connelly-Eiswerth’s most rewarding challenges is helping beginner students overcome skepticism and find success. 

“During one of my one-on-one classes, one of my students had doubts and thought she was going to be terrible, but she practiced her swing and was hitting it great. She was so excited, and that is really fun for me.”

One of Connelly-Eiswerth’s passions is growing the game, and the importance of doing so is multi-faceted for her. 

“This game has been my entire life. I grew up on the golf course.  I think since it has been such a good influence on my life that it's important to share that and give others the perspective to help them have a happy place no matter what’s going on.”

Connelly-Eiswerth also celebrates how the sport can be played of all ages and teaches essential and formative values such as sportsmanship and integrity. 

As for what Connelly-Eiswerth does when she’s off the course… her pastimes still allow her to express her competitive nature.

“I love to fish. I’m also very competitive. I’m caring and want to learn from other people.”


Whether it’s on the course or off, we can’t wait to see what Stephanie accomplishes next!

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