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And the winner is… East Central Chapter! 

After two Challenge Cup Matches against the South Florida PGA, the competition turned inward as the North Florida PGA’s four Chapters battled it out for the Porter Cup! Forty players from Jacksonville to Sarasota congregated at the Oceanside Country Club in Ormond Beach to fight for victory in the final Section tournament of the year. While every Chapter hoped to take home the trophy, the Porter Cup was also an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate a year of great play.

All eyes were on the West Central Chapter team as they were aiming to defend their 2020 victory. 

With an 8:30 am shotgun start, all of the players were off to the races! Round 1 saw Section Championship winner Greg Koch (East Central Chapter) face off against Stephanie Connelly-Eiswerth (Northern Chapter), who placed third at this year’s LPGA Professionals National Championship. Koch won the round with 7 out of 10 possible points, helping secure a hefty lead for East Central Chapter in their first round. Rick Stewart, Rod Perry, Matthew Chen, Matt Borchert, Joe Sabatino and Jubal Jerik all won their first rounds of play, contributing to East Central Chapter’s early lead. 

Round 1 concluded with the East Central Chapter (61.5 points) establishing a decisive lead against the Southwest Chapter (55.5 points). The West Central Chapter ended the first round in third place with 44.5 points, followed by the Northern Chapter, which trailed with 38.5 points. 

Round 2 saw the Northern Chapter tick up with 53.5 points (two-round total: 92 points) but still trail behind East Central Chapter, which concluded the round with 57 points (two-round total: 118.5 points). Connelly-Eiswerth won her round with 6 out of 10 points against Jonathan Mansfield of the West Central Chapter. Jake Etherton (Northern Chapter) also contributed to the Chapter’s improved second-round performance after winning with 6 out 10 points against Shaun Van Patten (West Central Chapter). West Central Chapter scored 46.5 points (two-round total: 91 points) with the Southwest Chapter falling to 43 points but remaining in second overall with a combined total of 98.5 points. 

Round 3 nearly paralleled the first two rounds, as East Central Chapter pulled ahead of the other three Chapters and comfortably ushered towards triumph. The East Central Chapter scored 55 points in the final round for a three-round total of 173.5 points, edging out Southwest Chapter’s 149.5 point-second-place finish, Northern Chapter’s third-place finish of 141 points and West Central Chapter’ fourth-place finish of 136 points.

The winning team included Matt Borchert, Matthew Chen, Nick Frontero, Ryan Hritz, Jubal Jerik, Mike Keymont, Greg Koch, Rod Perry, Joe Sabatino and Rick Stewart.

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