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2021 NFPGA Player of the Year Rankings 

With the 2021 North Florida PGA Section Championship behind us and tournament season coming to a close, we are proud to present the “NFPGA Player of the Year": Greg Koch! Koch secured the victory at this year’s Section Championship and has played in a total of nine tournaments, where he has clinched three victories. He has accumulated a total of 5,390 points and places ahead of Matt Borchert, winner of the 2021 NFPGA Pro-Scratch, with 4,830 points. David Damesworth rounds out the top three with 4,277.5 points. 

Player of the Year

  1. Greg Koch
  2. Matt Borchert
  3. David Damesworth
  4. Rod Perry
  5. David Hronek

Jennifer Borocz repeats at the “NFPGA Woman Player of the Year” with a total of 5,325 points in the category. Stephanie Connelly-Eiswerth follows closely behind in second with 4,775 points, and Nathalie Filler rounds out the top three with 4,093.75 points. 

Woman Player of the Year

  1. Jennifer Borocz
  2. Stephanie Connelly-Eiswerth
  3. Nathalie Filler
  4. Emily Motta
  5. Destiny Lawson

Koch leads as the top “NFPGA Assistant Player of the Year" with three wins over the course of six tournaments for a total of 4,275 points in the category. Tom Adrounie places second with 2,750 points, and Andrew Hammett rounds out the top three with 2,412.5 points. 

Assistant Player of the Year

  1. Greg Koch
  2. Tom Adrounie 
  3. Andrew Hammett
  4. Dion Muhammad
  5. Rashad Wright

David Hronek lands at the top of the “NFPGA Senior Player of the Year” and leads Keith Kulzer, Clint Avret, Jonathan Mansfield and Bill Shriver, who round out the top five. Hronek accumulated a total of 4,975 points in this category and leads Kulzer, who trails at 4,462.5 total points. Avret places third with 4,075 points. 

Senior Player of the Year 

  1. David Hronek
  2. Keith Kulzer
  3. Clint Avret
  4. Jonathan Mansfield
  5. Bill Shriver
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