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The Tournament Policies and Guidelines have been updated as recommended by the Tournament Committee and approved by the Section Board.  Most changes were housekeeping items to add clarity to existing policies, but there are a few changes to take note of.  A summary of the key changes is below, and the complete Tournament Policies and Guidelines are available on the website in the Tournament Portal.

Age Tees:  A global policy has been established that defines tee setup for Seniors (age 50) and Legends (Age 62+) if a Chapter offers an Age Tee.  For an event where an Age Tee is offered, the Senior or Legend must designate which tee they want to play at the time of entry.  Seniors playing the Senior Tee are only eligible for Senior Points.  Legends playing the Legend Tee are not eligible to earn any points.   

Skins and Players Pool Entry:  Payment for skins and players pool is required at the time of entry.  Cash payment is no longer accepted, and payout of skins and players pool is done in the same manner as purse payout.  This change is a recommendation by PGA Finance Department.

Entry Open Dates:  Registration is open for PGA Members six weeks before a deadline.  Registration is open for PGA Associates two weeks before the deadline.

Verifiable Handicap Index for Amateurs:  Amateurs are required to have a verifiable Handicap Index.  To be verifiable, the Amateurs Handicap ID (GHIN # or the like) must be included in their profile at close entries.  If this information is not provided, the Amateur will not be eligible for net scoring. 


Click here for the complete Tournament Policies and Guidelines!

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