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PGA Jr. League exists to bring friends, families, and communities together around golf. Join the team. Play with friends. Learn the game with expert coaching. Find your community!

We're excited to announce that Captain registration for PGA and LPGA Professionals is open! PGA Jr. League is embarking on a multi-year expansion plan designed to provide more opportunities for kids to play in PGA Jr. League with you as their expert coach. The PGA Jr. League program enhancements revolve around creating more local league flexibility for you to design programs that fit your needs (like lowering the official league minimum to 24 players). Also new this year is the PGA Jr. League Pre-Registration Planning Tool. This is a supplemental tool designed to help make the official Captain Registration process faster and easier. The Pre-Registration Planning Tool will walk you through planning your season while sharing best practices to help market to your consumers.

PGA Jr. League is open to both boys and girls, 17 and under, of all skill levels and abilities. Facilities can elect to offer 13u and/or 17u teams and leagues. PGA Jr. League offers an incredible opportunity for PGA Professionals to give back to their communities, grow the game, and even increase revenue for their facilities. To learn more about PGA Jr. League and how you can become a captain, please contact Lauren Court at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Click here to register as a PGA Jr. League Captain!

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