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Throughout your career as a former Division 1 Golfer, Professional Golfer, and now a full time Teaching Professional, you have continued to display such passion and dedication for the game of golf. What is it that motivates you and drives your passions?

I am driven by wanting to get better each day. I want to help my students get better and enjoy the game more, I want to improve my knowledge and my own skills each day. Golf is something that has brought me incredible relationships, opportunities, and happiness. I hope that I can help others find those same things through this great game. 

Who introduced you to the game and what is the story behind that?

My parents both took up golf sometime after college and fell in love with it. My dad was a hockey player his whole life and fell in love with golf quickly after college. I don't remember NOT playing golf... I would go with my dad and just loved it from the time I was very young. I was incredibly lucky to grow up at a golf club with a PGA Professional who was highly supportive of junior golf before it was 'cool', Gary Reynolds. He is still a mentor to me today.

Your PGA career began in 2016 as an Associate in the Connecticut, Philadelphia, and South Florida PGA Sections before becoming a Member of the Philadelphia PGA in 2019. Now that you are a current Member of the North Florida PGA, what are your goals when it comes to making a difference within the Section as it pertains to playing, learning, serving, and leading?

I certainly learned quite a bit during my time in the Philadelphia Section (where I spent the majority of my time). I would love to see more women be involved in tournament play in our section. I know there are 60 something women in the Section and only a handful play in events. Continued learning is also incredibly important to me so it would be fantastic to be involved in creating/growing the education of teachers specifically. The more ideas we share, the better for the game! 

As a woman in golf, and as a NFPGA Member, how do you think we can encourage more women to participate in Chapter and Section events? Do you have any advice for aspiring women golfers?

This is an issue in most Sections other than the MET Section up in New York where they have a strong group of females who compete often. I think we need to understand that keeping up your game to some extent (especially if you teach) is important. I am not entirely sure what the fix is to encourage more women to play, but it is definitely something that is on my mind constantly. One idea might be to have a few separate women's events like some other larger Sections have done. My advice to aspiring PGA Professionals would be to strive to be the best at what you do. Try to improve a little bit each day and to be true to yourself in what it is that you have a passion for within our industry. 

To date, what is your proudest golf accomplishment?

It was definitely fun to win our Chapter Championship - that was my first win as a Class A Professional. Going back to my college days, my senior year we won our conference championship and went on to NCAAs. That was a great way to end my 4 year college career. 

If you could change one aspect, rule or thing about golf, what would it be and why?

The rule I would change: If your ball is in a divot in the fairway, you get a free drop! I would love to see new golfers taking the game less seriously. You don't need to follow every single rule when you are learning how to play. Tee up the ball in the fairway, throw it out of the bunker, just have fun as you are learning!

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