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On June 1st, the North Florida PGA gathered for the 40th Annual Meeting. Unlike years past, this year's Annual Meeting and Elections took place on Zoom. Although this year's meeting was shorter than average, NFPGA Members were able to join Section Officers, John Hughes, Kevin Paschall, and Mike Lynch, to learn more about the Section's financial position, and the planned reintroduction of events after COVID-19. In addition to Section Officers, presenters included Jim Richerson, Vice President of PGA of America, Section Executive Director Steve McMillen, and two of our Section Partners. The meeting was recorded to ensure that all Members could watch the meeting, even if they were unable to tune in while the meeting was live. To further 

Click here to watch the 40th Annual Meeting of the North Florida PGA! 

Members who registered for the Annual Meeting were able to cast a digital ballot for the candidates of their choice from the following options: Kevin Paschall for President, Russ Libby & Keith Kulzer for Vice President, Matt Jordan & Darin Hoff for Secretary, and Stephen Arnold and Nick Frontero for Tournament Chair. After an hour, Honorary President Mike Lynch announced the new Section Leadership.

Click here to watch the Swearing in of Section Leadership!

Kevin Paschall

Kevin Paschall, PGA

President, NFPGA

Russ Libby

Russ Libby, PGA

Vice President, NFPGA

Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan, PGA

Secretary, NFPGA

Nick Frontero

Nick Frontero, PGA

Tournament Chair, NFPGA

Officers and staff would like to thank all those members who were in attendance for this year's Annual Meeting. Additionally, we'd like to extend a very warm thanks to our Section Partners who have continued to support the Members of the North Florida PGA throughout the hardships of COVID-19. We look forward to reuniting with you all later this month. Thank you!

Click here to view the 2019 Annual Report!

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