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Passion is when one has a strong feeling towards something or someone.  As PGA Members, we are passionate about golf and our relationships.  On June 1, we were supposed to gather together with fellow PGA Professionals and network together as we talk about our Association, connect with our partners, celebrate our award winners, and play golf together.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to enjoy our passion for being together. However, we still want you to join us for the 40th Annual Meeting Presented by Global Golf Sales as we conduct the meeting virtually.  

Like many things since the pandemic changed our daily lives, we have to do things differently.  However, with every challenge, there is an opportunity, and this year’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity for more members to attend than ever before as it requires no travel and minimal time commitment.  Registration is now open, to register, click the link, and complete the quick registration process.  This year’s meeting is complimentary, and everyone who watches will earn 3 MSR points. Also, the first 100 members to register will be eligible to win a Bushnell Wingman.  Register Now

How will the meeting work? 

We have partnered with Zoom to use their webinar platform that will allow all 1,500 members to be engaged in the meeting.  Once registered, members will receive a unique link for them to access the meeting room.  On the day of the meeting, members will click their unique link and watch the via their phone, tablet, or computer.  For those members who have never used Zoom, it will be important to click the link 10 minutes before the meeting so their system can automatically setup for the meeting.  Register Now

What is on the agenda? 

The agenda will feature many of the traditional aspects of the meeting.  Our opening ceremonies will include a special pre-recorded National Anthem by saxophonist Michael Phillips and invocation from an NFPGA Member.  We will hear from PGA Vice President Jim Richerson as well as President John Hughes, Vice President/Secretary Kevin Paschall, and Executive Director Steve McMillen.  Also, our partners, Global Golf Sales and Signature Travel, will provide short presentations about their brands and commitment to our Section.  As we can’t fit everything into the two hours, we will be publishing an enhanced Annual Report that includes reports from the Chapters, District 13 Board Member Mark VanDyke, and PGA Staff Lauren Court, and Jim West.  Register Now

How will the election work?

Honorary Past President Mike Lynch will introduce candidates for each position, and then the candidate's pre-recorded speeches will be played.  After the videos, the digital ballot will be opened and stay open for 30 minutes.  A unique link to the digital ballot will be sent to all eligible members who registered for the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 31.  At the end of the meeting, the results of the election will be announced.  Register Now 

Why should you attend?

It’s simple and comes back to passion.  We are all passionate PGA Professionals.  Some are more passionate about playing, learning, or service, but we are all passionate about leading.  We believe leaders are entrusted with an organization’s most precious resource, its people. It is people who do the work, no matter how difficult, no matter how boring, and no matter how exhausting. By attending the Annual Meeting, you are a leader.  Please join us on June 1!  Register Now

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