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Fellow Member,

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” Desmond Tutu.

It is with HOPE we share how we are planning to resume Section & Chapter activities the week of June 8. Assuming current restrictions have been lifted, it will be great for us all to be together as PGA Professionals. However, in doing so, we must make sure we are socially responsible for our actions. Therefore, we will follow the CDC’s interim guidance for event planners, the Governor’s Executive Orders, and county and city ordinances. We will follow safety protocols that are being developed for all Section and Chapter activities. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone, but we also must protect the integrity of the competitions. So, the Tournament Committee will be exploring how to implement the modified Rules as well as reviewing our conditions of competition.

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Three Section events (Pro-Official, Senior Match Play, Stableford) had to be postponed. Each of those events has been rescheduled (see new dates below.) Chapters are now working on modifying their schedules, and those changes will be updated on BlueGolf immediately, and each week communicated in “For the Member.”

Save the Date

  • Senior Match Play – July 13-15
  • Stableford (Regular/Senior) – October 12-13
  • Pro-Official – November 9

In June, our much-anticipated new formatted Annual Meeting was to be held. Unfortunately, we don’t see a path for hosting the meeting in the way we have planned. Thus, the Annual Meeting will be held virtually, and the Celebration of Members and Meeting Pro-Pro is canceled. We recognize this is disappointing news for our award winners. However, award winners will be recognized in special digital communications and in-person at next year’s Celebration of Members.

We would much rather gather in person, but we are excited about a virtual Annual Meeting as we believe our attendance will be higher than ever because it will be so convenient. The meeting will be held from 9 to 11 am on June 1. Registration begins May 6, and there will be no cost to register. Our goal is to produce an Annual Meeting that is as normal as possible. We will be doing this via webinar software that members will access with one click. The meeting will have traditional aspects such as the National Anthem, invocation, partner presentations, and key leadership reports. Several of the reports will be pre-recorded, but the presentations by Officers and Executive Director will be live. This is an election year, and we will conduct our elections. Candidates will address the membership attending the meeting with pre-recorded videos, and voting will be done using secure digital election software. As not all aspects of the Annual Meeting can be done during the two-hour window, we will be producing an enhanced digital annual report. Per our bylaws, the Annual Report will be published five days in advance of the meeting.


We trust our message of HOPE today is good to hear. In December, we announced Champions of Engagement and challenged everyone to be engaged in your passion, whether it was playing, learning, serving, or leading. The COVID-19 placed a roadblock in our plans. However, this roadblock is coming down soon, and our Challenge to you has not been withdrawn. Be a Champion of Engagement and make your first commitment by joining us for the 40th Annual Meeting on June 1. Stay well and be Safe, Section Leadership

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