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Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Cobra-Puma Match Play format will be modified.  As announced earlier this year, 2020 Cobra-Puma Match Play was to be contested first at the Chapter level with the final four from each Chapter meeting in the finals at Hammock Beach.  Unfortunately, with the postponement of all Section activities through April and possibly into May, the seeding qualifiers cannot be rescheduled to allow for adequate time for the first three rounds.  As a result, the Cobra-Puma Match Play will be conducted on consecutive days on one course.  We are happy to announce the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach has agreed to host the championship a 32-player bracket on August 17-20.  If the total number of entries is more than 48 players, the Tournament Committee will consider expansion of the bracket to 64.  With this change, the entry fees will also be modified to $110 for qualifying and $160 for match play.  At the time of entry, all entrants will be charged $270; players not qualifying for match play will be refunded $160.  Entries will open on July 6.
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