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    The Section Match Play gets a Facelift

In 2020, the Section Match Play Championship will undergo some changes.  After a full year of discussion and researching, the championship will become a progressive championship.  Why the change?  Over the past several years, the match play has had a decline in entries.  While there was acore group of players who continued to play, there were many Members who told us it required too much time off from work and the more time away from work the more expensive it became due to travel.  After hearing this feedback, the Tournament Committee began to look at how the Match Play could still be conducted as a Major but reduce the time away from work and costs associated with it.  The result is the new progressive format.    

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Play will begin within a Chapter Pod with an 18-hole seeding qualifier.  The top 32 players in from each qualifier will be seeded in a match play pod.  Matches shall be played at an agreed-upon time and location (see scheduling policy) until four players are left.  The final four from each Chapter Pod will meet in the Match Play Finals to be played on August 17-18 at Hammock Beach’s Ocean Course. Seeding for the finals will be pre-set so players play against players outside of their Chapter in the first round.  This seeding will rotate annually to ensure the same matchups don’t occur annually.  The winners of the semifinals will play for the match play title.  The losers of the semifinals will play for placing.  All players who qualified for Match Play will receive a check.  For additional information about the scheduling of early-round matches, purse, and other key items, you are encouraged to review the Match Play Championship Summary.  If you have additional questions, please reach out to the staff or your Chapter’s Tournament Chair.

Section Match Play Championship Concept