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During the 2019 Global Golf Sales|Golf Pride Member Meeting, Golf Business Solutions introduced the brand-new NFPGA engagement strategy, Champions of Engagement. If you missed this exciting announcement, don't fret! Join Bailey Chamblee as she explains what it means to be a Champion of Engagement.


Beginning in 2020, the North Florida Section Office will be sharing a monthly Champions of Engagement Insider like the video above. This video will provide you with the information you need to prioritize your passion for playing, learning, serving, or leading. Additionally, this video will recognize PGA Members who have gone above and beyond within their passion pathway.

We know that all our PGA Members are passionate, and we'd like to recognize you for the hard work you put in. Any time a PGA Member becomes a Champion of Engagement, the team at the Section Office will begin a lengthy process to recognize them. This will include a letter to their employer, a press release, recognition on the Section website and social media, and a certificate. Throughout the year, PGA Members can earn passion points for just about anything they do within the Section including playing in tournaments, attending meetings & education, serving as a PGA Jr. League Captain, and so much more! These points will add up to track your engagement.

Over the coming months, you can expect more updates on this engagement strategy. We look forward to sharing our Champions of Engagement Insider with you, and hope that you'll begin taking steps to become a Champion of Engagement!

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