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This year, the North Florida PGA, in conjunction with Global Golf Sales|Golf Pride, launched the Global Golf Sales|Golf Pride Series. This series included  the Pro-Pro Championship, Section Championship, several chapter events and culminated with yesterday's Pro-Pro at Reunion Resort. Members who played in series events were able to earn points for participation and  for finishing within each event's top ten competitors. 

Competing in the series had some great perks- including a purse for earning at least 50 points throughout the series. The purse will be broken out as follows: first place wins $500, Second-Fifth place wins $250, Sixth-Tenth place wins $125, and all other eligible participants win $50.  In the event of a tie for places 1 thru 10, ties are broken by the individual’s finish at the Section Championship.

Congratulations to our top 10 competitors through this series: Gregory McClimans, Jonathan Mansfield, Greg Koch, Zoran Ilic, Ryan Gray, John Reynaud, Bryan Florio, John Falcone, Tony Perez, and Brian Richter, respectively! Thank you to Steve Sponder and the team at Global Golf Sales|Golf Pride for partnering with us to create an awesome series to benefit our members and encourage them to indulge in their passion to play!


To view the full results of this series and find out whether you qualified for the purse payout, click here!

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