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 Vincent Burbank shares his love for the game and his dedication to the North Florida PGA

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You have displayed incredible dedication to the game of golf and to the North Florida PGA section in general. What is it that motivates you to show such dedication and devotion to the game?

I do not believe there is one thing that fuels anyone. There have been multiple factors that have driven me to achieve the goals I have set forth. As the list is extensive, the two main factors are supporting a game that I find amazing and secondly, bringing diversity and inclusion to a game that has been anything but diverse and inclusive.

What would you say is your most significant playing achievement thus far or achievements in general, over the years?

Unfortunately, I am not able to play too often, specifically in tournaments. With that being said, I played in a NFPGA Stableford event recently after not competing for 2-3 years and was happy to shoot in the low- to mid-70s. Additionally, it has been years since I have shot a sub-70 round and I did so (68) about 2 months ago. When the schedule allows, I have no doubt that I will have a strong return to competition.

On a golf course, players are asked to repair their divots and one other. How do you apply this principle in your daily life?

Applying this principle to my daily life, I would say it has a lot to do with cleaning up after yourself.  To use the old adage, “leave the course better than you found it. Additionally, if you can make the world better, even the smallest steps are helpful and successful.This is where change begins.

What would you say is your worst golf habit or biggest pet peeve?

My worst golf habit is taking practice to the course. Due to lack of play, I feel like I always need to work on something or test something for my lessons. My biggest pet peeve for others would be people who are inconsiderate. Most people complain about slow play and while it is a problem, we deal with many adults who expect to play by themselves in an hour and degrade other players who are playing (specifically women and children) who do not hit the ball as far and/or are playing in a larger group.

If your golf ball could speak, what would it say to you or what would it say about you?

If it spoke to me, it would probably say “Ouch! Stop hitting me so hard!” If it spoke about me, I believe it would say I engage in practice for fun and love it so much, I am a great person to play with as I am very accepting and easy-going, and I am hyper-competitive.

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