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Learn more about Gerry James's passion for the game of golf.

You have displayed incredible dedication to the game of golf and to the North Florida PGA. What is it that drives your golf passion?

Several things drive my golf passion and the mastery of the game is one of them. I was good at all sports, but when I first picked up golf, I was horrible at it. Then, through good instruction and dedication, I became adequately good. I then had the opportunity to support my coach, John Anselmo, by taking on some of his teaching and I was honored to do. I simply taught what I was taught by John, who also taught Tiger Woods. John got sick with Cancer and while he was going through his treatments, I did everything I could for him by helping with some of his students upon request. John knew how dedicated I was to the game and although I played two other sports professionally, I dedicated my time to golf, which is the most difficult sport of all in my opinion.

What would you say are your most significant playing achievements or achievements in general over the years?

During my career, I won 13 mini tour events including the Nevada Senior Open. I also won our Senior Section Championship and I was named Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year multiple times in my chapter. Out of all of my achievements, I would have to say that my most significant achievement is winning about 40 of the Long Drive Tour Events and two of the World Championships in 2005 and 2006.

What it is that you value most about being a member of the NFPGA?

The thing I value the most about being a member of the North Florida PGA Section is that I have the ability to play with high level competitors along with my peers. Within the association, it’s the people I get to surround myself with that I am thankful for.

What would you say is your worst golf habit and your biggest pet peeve?

My worst golf habit, and one that I am ashamed of, is swearing on the course. I am really trying to fix that and God help me! My biggest pet peeve while on the course would have to be slow play. I just want people to get on with it!

If your golf ball could speak, what would it say to you?

“Shoot me where you can find me!” “Ouch!”

“Settle down, it’s only a game.” (My wife always tells me, “Golf is just a game, kind of like Checkers.”)


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