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Read on about Cheryl Anderson's passion for golf instruction.

You have displayed incredible dedication to the game of golf and to the North Florida PGA Section. What is it that drives your golf passion?

I love problem solving and there are a lot of problems that are created in golf and I really enjoy coming up with new solutions. Golf has been in my life for 40 years and there has been so much joy through the game of golf. I met my husband through golf, landed a great job through golf, met so many friends, and traveled to many places because of golf. It’s all of these things that make up my “golf library” that drives my passion.

What would you say are your most significant achievements over the years?

I was the five time Player of the Year for the Metropolitan PGA Section. This has never been done and the record still hasn’t been beaten. I always worked really hard on my game. I used to go down to Florida during the winter to take lessons from Mike Bender. I really wanted to be as good a player as I could be, but I wanted to be good so that I could be a good coach. For me, it wasn’t about winning trophies or being on the LPGA Tour. We have to share our passion with the new generation and I want to do my part. There are people who have certainly helped me to make the strides needed to get better.  As players and coaches, we all have that devotion to grow the game. We are going to do things we don’t get paid for just to help someone love the game a little more than they do now.

How did you get started in the golf game and what is it that drew you to become a member of the North Florida PGA Section?

My grandfather introduced me to the game up in New York. He had a bunch of old hickory clubs that I would use when I visited and I always looked forward to going out there and hitting balls. Then he started taking me to the golf course during my summer vacations and I was hooked ever since.

In high school I tried out for the boys golf team and during the tryout, I missed by one shot. I was so devastated and I probably would have quit the game if it wasn’t for the coach that called me after the tryout and said, “Cheryl you should go play in this tournament.” So I did and I ended up finishing in 2nd place. After that, my dad realized that I was actually pretty good and he called around until he found Rutgers College where I walked on the golf team. You have to have people in your life that are encouraging and that’s really what I try to do. Golf is one of those sports when you never know when someone is going to reach their peak. Keep doing your best, enjoy the practice, and see where it takes you.

What would you say is your worst golf habit?

Not putting my clubs in my bag in an organized way. They are always disorganized and I might organize them every now and then.

If your golf ball could speak, what would it say to you?

I think my golf ball would tell me to relax and enjoy the game rather than thinking of everything else I have to do. Just be in the moment.

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