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Ken Juhn's passion for veterans.

You have displayed incredible dedication to the game of golf and to the North Florida PGA Section. What is it that motivates you to show such dedication?

As a child, I was so passionate about the game of golf, so that’s nothing new. I always wanted to be a golfer and a tournament player. I was a women’s golf coach for ten years and I took a lot of pride in that because that’s where I played golf and it was the University I attended. I did everything I could to improve our tournaments and it was the biggest reward to watch our success transform.

I came to the North Florida Section and I started to think, a person’s life is more about how can you enhance the lives of others, rather than what I can do for myself. In 2007, we had our first veterans’ program at my golf course. I didn’t just want it to be another six-week program like a golf clinic. I wanted it to be different. We wanted some way to keep them engaged. We kicked off our program on September 28th of 2007. I wanted the [veterans] to have a place that made them feel at home. As a result of that, I became heavily involved in SOCOM, the US Special Operations Command. In 2012 I started helping out by coaching their camps. Then I helped out with training for the Warrior Games for the military. Being a part of this organization is what drives me to dedicate my life to the game of golf.

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What would you say is your worst golf habit?

My golf team used to make fun of me when I was coaching. Keep in mind, we had amazing women on our team. They informed me that every time I played golf, I pulled on [a certain part of] my pants. Their advice to me was, “If you ever make it as a tournament player, the whole world is going to see you pulling on your pants on TV and that cannot happen."

If your golf ball could talk, what would it say to you?

Stay in the moment. When you play golf, the most important shot you will ever hit is your next shot.

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What is it that drives your golf passion?

At this point in my life, it's the work I do with the military that drives my passion for golf. It has become a huge part of my life, next to my family and faith. It is something that I could never imagine being without now. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to do what I am doing now. It is all about the relationships you develop, not about golf as much. Those relationships are priceless. I can't express how important that is.

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