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Over the past six months, the Executive Board has researched how to provide Members and Associates with a more enriched Annual Meeting experience with primary outcome being increased engagement.  At the recent Executive Board meeting, the Board approved moving the NFPGA Annual Meeting from December to June and adding several functions to the overall agenda. We will begin transitioning in 2019, as follows: 
On December 9, 2019, a membership meeting will be held in place of the traditional annual meeting.  This membership meeting will be held at Reunion Resort and will include a keynote speaker of distinction and an informal Section update in the morning followed by lunch and a pro-pro in the afternoon. 
In June of 2020, the formal NFPGA Annual Meeting will be held at Reunion Resort.  The annual meeting will have two days of functions.  Opening day will include a keynote speaker and professional development in the morning, followed by the Section Business meeting in the afternoon.  The Celebration of Members will be held in the evening.  Then on the second day, a tournament will be held in the morning.  Reunion Resort will provide special lodging rates during and on both sides of the annual meeting. 
Is this change a permanent change? 
Yes, this a long-term strategic change.  While extenuating factors could cause the board to change this strategy, for the foreseeable future the annual meeting will remain in June.  
Will the annual meeting be complimentary? 
There will be a registration fee to attend the annual meeting that will include professional development, business meeting, and lunch.  The Celebration of Members and the tournament will have additional fees.  
Will the December membership meeting be complimentary? 
There will be a registration fee to attend the membership meeting and an additional fee for entry in the pro-pro. 
How will this impact the election cycle since 2019 is an election year? 
The election cycle will be affected by the date change.  The Executive Board felt holding elections in June 2020 would have the least impact and minimize confusion with the terms of office. 
How many MSR Points can a Member earn? 
A total of 8 MSR Required points and 4 MSR Regular points will be awarded to those who attend all functions of the Annual Meeting.  A Member who attends the membership meeting on December 9 will earn 4 MSR Required points. 
Will guests be able to attend the Celebration of Members? 
Yes, guests will be welcome and encouraged.  Please note that there is a fee for all attendees.  The guest fee will be the same subsidized rate as NFPGA Members. 
Can a member play in the tournament, but not attend the meeting? 
Attendance is not required at the Annual Meeting to participate in the tournament.  However, the member will be required to register for the meeting and tournament to be eligible. 
What is the format for the annual meeting tournament? 
The tournament will be a blind draw two-person team using a quota points system.  
Will the annual meeting tournament have a purse? 
Yes, thanks to sponsors there will be a purse 
Will the annual meeting tournament be a points event?  
Yes, points are awarded using Category 7 (50 points) of the points system. 
What is the format for the December 9 membership meeting pro-pro? 
The format is a make our own two-person team scored with Stableford points. 
Will the December 9 membership meeting pro-pro have a purse? 
Yes, thanks to sponsors especially Global Golf Sales/Golf Pride there will be a purse. 
Will the December 9 membership meeting pro-pro be a points event?  
No, because the final points standings will have already been finalized. 
This change allows me to bring my family to Orlando for a couple of days, will Reunion Resort offer members any special rates? 
Yes, Reunion Resort will be offering a meeting special that will be extended to several days before and after the meeting.  This is a great time to visit the theme parks with your family and take a relax after the snowbirds leave.  Rates will be published once they are finalized by Reunion Resort. 
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